"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."  ~ Rumi
Light In The Dark Yoga Beaufort SC

Restorative Movement For Inner Peace

Welcome to Light in the Dark Yoga where we gather for a shared experience, and at the same time, celebrate and support our individuality. The intention is to find a practice to support you at the present time, regardless of experience or physical ability.  In doing so, it is possible to bring more peace to your life by lessening physical tension and stress. It is amazing how increased calm and clarity can lead to health and happiness both on and off the mat. All that is needed is a place to begin.  ~ Cindy Gilmore, RYT200

“Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world.” ~ Rumi

Light In The Dark Yoga Beaufort SC

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Private instruction and wellness offerings are available, or enjoy one of our class offerings.

Intro To Yoga

What is yoga? What are the benefits? How do I begin? What if I can’t do yoga poses? Come to this class and discover how yoga can affect your life. We will discuss how yoga can bring more comfort and ease to life both on and off the mat. We all begin at the beginning no matter what we endeavor. Join our joyful community; we can’t wait to meet you!


The Ashtanga Primary Series is a beautiful meditation in motion, where each movement is coordinated with the breath. The series was designed by Shri K Pattabhi Jois to cultivate ease in our physical bodies using a very specific standing and seated sequence. The physical logic of the sequence progressively opens up areas in our bodies, creating a stronger and more flexible physique, and providing an environment where physical discomfort is lessened and the internal practice can blossom. This 1.25 hours class includes the entire standing series, a portion of the seated series, and the closing sequence including final relaxation. An ability to move up and down from the floor is recommended, but modifications are available for all poses.

Beginner Ashtanga

This one hour class is recommended for individuals who are new to the studio, and/or prefer the practice at a slower pace. The Ashtanga method is described in greater detail, poses are demonstrated, and the pace is modified to suit class participants.

Slo Mo Flow

This one hour class moves at a slower pace where we settle in to each pose a bit longer to ultimately release tension in our bodies and minds. We flow through a portion of the Ashtanga standing sequence, and follow with an expanded closing sequence and final relaxation.

Conscious Flow & Meditation

Meditation is a transformative practice to still the mind’s endless activity, guide us to calm and clarity, and to the deepest awareness of your loving self. This gentle practice will lead you to a peaceful and restorative state. With therapeutic movement and mental focus, we ride the wave of the breath slowly building the internal practice and quieting the mind. Peace is possible when we transition from this reflective flow to restorative postures and guided meditation that will open your heart and spirit to infinite potential.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that can help reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Improved sleep and mental clarity are also possible with this ancient healing technique connecting mind, body and spirit. We begin with gentle stretching to facilitate the transition from outside-in. Props and blankets are provided to support deep relaxation as you lie down on your mat and settle in for this transformative practice. You will leave deeply restored, rejuvenated and calm.


The Light In The Dark Ashtanga Yoga studio is located at: 1001 Bay Street, Suite 32, Beaufort, SC 29902. Please call me if you have questions: 207-432-1687 I would love to help in any way.

Light In The Dark Yoga Beaufort SC | Class Schedule
The studio is located on the third floor of the Elliot House in the Beaufort Historic District, on Bay Street across from the marina. Class size is limited and fill up quickly. It is recommended that you register on-line to secure your space. Our address is: 1001 Bay Street, Suite 32, Beaufort, SC 29902

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Class Passes

Single Class: $15.00
One month Unlimited: $100
One year Unlimited: $1000
8 Class Pass (expires in 3 months): $100
New to the Studio, 1 week Unlimited: $25.00
New to the Studio, 1 month Unlimited: $50.00
Military/65+ Single Class: $12
Military/65+ One month Unlimited: $85
Military/65+ 8 Class Pass (expires in 3 months): $85

Light In The Dark Yoga Beaufort SC | About
light-in-the-dark-yoga-cindyCindy focuses her teaching on the restorative aspects of yoga, guiding and supporting individuals in private sessions or group classes.  She has been practicing yoga for many years and completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Kusum Institute in May 2014. She has also studied with Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Shelley Washington, and Beryl Bender Birch, working toward her 500-hour certification.  Cindy is continually inspired by her students; seeking new ways to support their exploration. It is her hope that  the physical practice is a doorway to inner peace.

“The light that yoga sheds on life is something special. It is transformative. It does not just change the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Light In The Dark Yoga Beaufort SC | Philosophy


Yoga is essentially a process to help us quiet the mind and become connected to our true selves, or the You in you. Asanas or postures are but one way there. Other yoga practices can include focused breathing (pranayama), meditation, and so much more. Through continued practice we can create more lightness and ease in our physical bodies and minds, minimizing discomfort as we make our way toward increased awareness and stillness.

At Light in the Dark Yoga, we come together to practice yoga as a community. There can be such joy and comfort in this shared experience, while at the same time, we can surrender to our own individual discovery. Classes are accessible for all levels of experience, and there are modifications for all poses. Please contact Cindy if you have any questions.

Light In The Dark Yoga Beaufort SC | Gratitude


My yoga journey began and continues with my mentor and teacher Penny Kusum Clum. Her guidance and inspiration have profoundly affected my life, and Light in the Dark Yoga is possible because of her encouragement. There are so many others to thank for this gift of yoga: Shri Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar, Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, Amma and my students. And to my tribe in Maine; we are one.

Please visit the Kusum Institute for additional information: http://www.kusuminstitute.com/

Latest Insight From The Beaufort Yoga Blog

Practicing Yoga in Beaufort, SC

I still cannot believe I have the good fortune to wake each day in Beaufort, South Carolina. Living in such a caring and thriving community and breathtaking landscape are uplifting. I gaze out on the Broad River at home, or the Downtown Marina in the yoga studio, and begin each practice with gratitude for the incomparable beauty out my window. There is a stillness manifest in a water view that needs little else to soothe and inspire my spirit. Yoga practice in Beaufort is a beautiful gift that I never knew I needed, and could not now imagine living without.

My First Yoga Class

Walking in to your first yoga class can be so intimidating, it was for me. When I found my yoga home, I somehow knew I had found the right place, but I was still apprehensive about my first class. What would I wear, did I need to go buy yoga pants? What about a mat? Where should I buy one, OMG, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes! Do I have to change my diet? What if I can’t do all of those pretzel-bendy poses? Maybe I’m too old to try this? I wanted to enter my first class like I knew what I was doing, even though I was attending a Beginner class, go figure. Well I dove in, bought a mat that did not break the bank and wore something that was probably not cool yoga pants; loose-fitting to camouflage my “middle age” imperfections. My teacher and mentor was so inspiring, telling us that yoga is not about any of these things; it’s a practice for peace, not perfection. She said so much more and I heard it all, but it remained cerebral for some time. I still worried I was not doing anything the ‘right’ way, including breathing. And I could not help comparing myself to other Beginners. Some time into my yoga journey I looked around one night during class, sneaking a peek at classmates in Downward Dog, and something shifted. I wasn’t thinking about the pose. I witnessed the grace and poise of our class without comparison. Sweating and panting, sitting and breathing, or falling out of a pose, we were there together finding our way toward something else, something quieter and without judgement. It was such a joy to finally just settle-in and let go. Tears fell that night on my bargain basement yoga mat that was already beginning to shed. And I thanked my lucky stars that yoga found me, with or without the right stuff.


This Sanskrit word generally meaning community or assembly is such an important part of yoga practice. Sharing this experience with others changes us. The energy can add a new dimension to our personal exploration, and there is comfort in knowing we are not alone, we are together caring and supporting one another.
Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.
When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath.
-Hatha Yoga Pradipika

I Knew I Found My Yoga Studio When…

I’ve dabbled with yoga since high school, first attempting to practice yoga in my bedroom with Richard Hittleman’s 28-Day Yoga book. On and off through the years I dropped in to one or the other studio, not quite finding what I was seeking in the combination of a physical and internal (meditative) practice. Ultimately, I found my yoga home in Saco, Maine at Saco River Yoga (now one location of the Kusum Institute). I knew when I entered the studio that something was different; there was a beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming energy present. And then I met studio owner and Instructor Penny Clum, and the rest is history. I fell in love with the Ashtanga Practice and the community practing together, beginning as a Beginner, and completing Teacher Training in 2014.

Beginner Attempting to be Perfect at Poses

When I first began taking Ashtanga classes I worked so hard trying to be the best poser ever (not really saying this out loud), but pushing myself to beyond my physical limit. You can probably guess the outcome-a very sore and injured body and ego. When I finally realized that this was sort of flying in the face of what yoga is all about, my yoga practice truly began. Sometimes it takes a bruise or two to turn the light on:)

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